Sriracha Maple Cream Sauce:


1/2 Bar Creamcheese

2 Tablespoons Sriracha

2 Tablespoon Maple Syrup

1 Tablespoon Sesame Oil

1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce



Let the Creamcheese rest at room temperature, and whisk all the ingredients by adding the Soy Sauce, and Sriracha first, followed by the Maple Syrup and Sesame Oil.

For Better Results, Use a whisk to bind all the ingredients together.


This sauce is very simple and delicious, and the inception of this sauce is very interesting. It was based on pure time-pressure and improvisation. I was making the video for the Sunny Side over Pecorino Romano Crisp when I realized it needed an interesting sauce to make a nice contrast with the Cheese Crisp and Thyme. So I started running all over the cooking lab looking at all the spices, sauces, creams, and broths until I had an epiphany.


Based on this question, I first had to ask myself, what is the concept of this dish? Since it is a small and simple dish, then my best option is to increase the richness of the egg yolk by adding another rich element; in this case, the sauce.

Let me give you an example based on an ingredient I used for the Sriracha Maple Cream Sauce.

The richest element from this sauce is the Cream Cheese. Now, I want you to imagine eating a spoon of it. Too rich right? Now imagine eating the entire cream cheese bar! Again, too rich.

Cream Cheese

As you can see from the example above, rich dishes are not meant to be eaten in big portions or large quantities. Many dishes like this usually contain a lot of fats, which usually make you feel fuller faster. Also, from a caloric standpoint, they contain 2 more calories per gram as opposed to proteins and carbs.

Canadian & American Influence

To all my Canadian friends, instead of using sugar or Honey, I decided to use maple syrup. It has a complex flavor, and it provides a unique flavor profile to the sauce. Also, by using maple syrup, I chose to honor the North American Tradition of Maple Syrup Soaked eggs after dripping from the pancakes.

Japanese Influence

Japanese ingredients pair well with almost anything. They have a savory and light flavor that add Umami to its dishes. The Japanese ingredients used to bind all the flavors together are soy sauce and spicy sesame oil.

In the end, the Spicy Maple Cream Sauce is an international version of the dipping sauce that I used to eat with shrimp tempura at the restaurant around the corner. Since I wanted to eat it more often, at the age of 12, I went to the kitchen, and after 4 tries, I had found out how to make the mysterious Asian sauce. Don´t worry, since I will be sharing that recipe with everyone since it is a very important Japanese Sauce!

This very simple recipe honors the philosophy of International Cuisine and Modern Recipes

Thank you for reading!

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