Low Carb Keto Cheese Dip

Updated: Jul 4, 2019


3 Slices of Mozzarella Cheese

2 Tablespoons of Olive oil

1 Egg

Dash of Garlic Powder

Dash of Pepper

Drops of Lime Juice


Place the oil and Slices of cheese on a microwavable container and heat for 30 seconds.

Mix properly

Heat until it it starts to bubble

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix it until it becomes a dip.

Calories 380

Fat 31

Carbs 3

Protein 21

Inception of Low Carb Keto Cheese Dip

Just last year, I was focusing on improving the way I looked, which led me to try the famous Keto Diet. I was constantly looking for ways to keep my carbs low, so I came up with the craziest recipe that it is also one of my favorite quick recipes, the Low Carb Keto Cheese Dip. During Keto, I was constantly tired, so I had to come up with a quick recipe that would not only satisfy my macros but my palate as well. I realized that Keto, at least from my perspective, should include a high amount of convenience. This way, I could reserve my energy for other tasks rather than spending hours in the kitchen.

Why is Low Carb Keto Cheese Dip good for you?

This quick recipe is perfect for keeping your carbs low since it only contains 3 grams of carbs; furthermore, it is a high fat snack since it packs 31 grams of fat! On the other hand, despite not being a protein-focused meal, it contains 21 grams of protein, which is ideal for lean muscle mass.

Furthermore, the egg yolk has high nutritional value, containing Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Antioxidants, and minerals. Furthermore, Olive oil has good fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Tip Number 1

Always remember, as a Keto Dieter, your goal is to keep your carbs at a minimum of 50 grams per day or less to prevent spikes in your insulin levels.

Tip Number 2

Keto Dieting is not an excuse to eat all the FAT you want. Always make sure you find the right fat sources that contain nutrients such as Avocados, Nuts, Salmon (Fatty Fish), Olive Oil (For cooking), Chia Seeds, Flax Seed, etc.

Tip Number 3

Eat a high amount of low carb vegetables

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