Italian Donuts (Zeppoli) & Coca-Cola Cream

Italian Donuts & Coca-Cola Cream

For a while, I have been wondering how to create a dessert based on one of our favorite soft drinks. The base of this cream a very simple and delicious syrup that I will later incorporate into difference recipes like barbeque sauce, chocolate glaze, etc. How does this work, I did some research on Coca-Cola flavored ice-creams across the internet, and in all of them, I encountered the same method. They would add the soda by itself, instead of reducing the soft drink to a syrup to increase its power and richness.

Considering this idea, I thought about creating an Italian Cola Donut Style of my favorite dessert in the world, a Cream Choux from a bakery called El Globo. However, by incorporating the elements of a Zeppoli, an Italian Donut, this recipe turns into a whole other dessert, the Scottish Cream Bun! So consider this a French Inspired, Scottish-Italian-American Cream Bun! Talk about hybridization!

A Cola Whipped Cream is truly a unique and almost unheard of; however, my goal is to feature your favorite foods and drinks in my recipes(Mine as well LOL). If you think about it, it is not as bizarre as it sounds, a cola float has basically the same concept of cola and cream mixture resulting in a decadent dessert.


600 Ml Coca Cola or Pepsi

1 Tablespoon Gelatin Powder

2 Cups of Heavy Cream

Pizza Dough

Cola Syrup

Bring 600 ML of Cola Soda Pop (Can´t be a Diet Soda) to a boil, and reduce it to a syrup!

Let it rest until the Cola Syrup reaches room temperature.

Hydrated Gelatin

Hydrate 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder in equal parts of water.

Once the water has been absorbed, melt it in the microwave in 10-second intervals.

Heavy Cream

Whip 2 Cups of Heavy Cream until they double in size.

Add the Syrup and keep whisking it until peaks are formed.

Place the cream in a decorating sleeve.


Slowly add the Cola Syrup until it incorporates, followed by the Hydrated Gelatin.


Allow the Pizza Dough to reach room temperature, and allow it to rise by covering it with a wet & warm cloth. For better results, place it below any lamp you may have since it will increase the temperature and will cause the dough to rise.

After 15 minutes, divide the dough in half and later divide its halves into halves and so on until you reach your desired donut size. Doing this will allow you to have even pieces.


Bring Vegetable Oil to a

medium-high heat for 5 minutes using a sauce-pan. After, drop a piece of dough to make sure it floats. If it floats, then the oil is ready to be used.

Deep Frying

Place a piece of Pizza Dough in the hot oil and allow it to cook until it becomes golden in color.

Cut the Zeppoli in half, and fill the middle with Nutella.

Close it, place the cream on top with the sleeve in a circular motion, and decorate the top with the syrup.


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