How to Cook Without Oil

There are times when the unfortunate happens, and you ran out of oil. That is very common; however, if you do not have the time to run to the store, then you can still find a way to cook your meals without the use of oil! Let´s get to it!

Pan Fry:

Water: I chose this one first because I wanted to provide the healthiest method before proceeding to more unhealthier versions. When using water, make sure you use spices, and salts to season your food. Water subtracts flavor from the food, as opposed to oil that just enhances it. You can also use the following stocks: Chicken, Fish, Beef, Turkey, etc.

Mayo: For all the Mayonaisse lovers, this is for you! It consists of eggs, oil, and lime juice, making it a perfect oil substitute for your food. When cooking, just add a tablespoon to a hot pan and begin cooking. It goes amazing with grilled cheese sandwiches! So make sure you add it to your cooking style from time to time.

Bacon Oil: It is a very unhealthy fat, but it is great to add flavor, saltiness, smokiness, meatiness, and it is a great substitute. Just make sure your bacon has enough fat to release just the right amount of oil for your food!

Sous Vide: Vaccum-seal your food, bring water to a boil and cook it in the boiling water. Just make sure you put foil between the plastic bag and the saucepan to prevent the plastic from melting.

Bake it: You can choose to bake your food, just make sure you use mayo, bacon oil, or parchment paper to prevent the food from sticking to the hot metallic baking sheet. Just the parchment paper alone will be a great alternative to the low-calorie dieters.

What is the best method? It all depends on what you choose to cook and your eating style. If you want a healthier lifestyle, just choose the first method and the last 2: however, if you want flavor and excitement, go for the first two methods. I did not mention butter because it is a very common method that everybody knows.

I hope this helped you solve a daily problem!


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