Eggnog Mousse

Updated: Jul 11, 2019


Hybrid Recipe created this eggnog mouse during the cold winter of 2016. However, a traditional mousse usually consists of mixing up the egg whites until you achieve stiff peaks, melting the chocolate, tempering it and mixing in the egg yolks, and then folding the chocolate & yolk mixture over the whipped egg whites. However, the setback is that people are not comfortable with eating raw eggs, and the egg & chocolate mousse recipe is very hard to adjust since a slight change would affect the texture, volume, and consistency.

Hybrid Recipe focused on proving a more modern and everyday solution to a mousse. The key is whipped cream and gelatin! With this formula, you can create a mousse with any ingredient and variable possible! Not only that, but it is easier for an everyday person to execute.

So why was eggnog the perfect star for this recipe? As I was walking through the aisles of Costco, I saw the eggnog, and I suddenly remembered that a lot of people feel nostalgic and passionate about it! That is when I decided to deliver a recipe that is not only delicious, smooth, sweet, but relevant to a lot of people. A recipe that would not only help them embrace their traditions but a recipe that would allow them to have a different experience without deviating from the emotional attachment that people have with eggnog.

So how can you adjust this recipe to make it a new family classic?

It is very simple actually, go and ask grandma for her family´s eggnog recipe. Get the family together and make the traditional eggnog recipe. After the mixture has been cooled down, substitute the store-bought eggnog from this recipe for your family´s eggnog recipe. See how suddenly even a very small change can deliver a huge impact? Hybrid Recipe´s content can be altered and is not set by stone. You are free to give it your personal touch since all I care about is for you to experience food in a way you haven´t experienced before.

If you want to achieve a Latin mousse, substitute the eggnog for some Rompope. The flavor will be slightly different since it does not have as many spices; however, it will be richer, thicker, sweeter, and fluffier.

Make sure you reduce the amount of powdered sugar to 1/4 when using Rompope.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and it´s variation!

Have a wonderful day!

Best Regards

Hybrid Recipe

Ingredients & Recipe

1 1/2 Cup of Heavy Cream

Mix for volume

Add 1/2 Cup of Powdered Sugar


1 1/2 Gelatin

1/2 Cup Eggnog (Alcoholic or Non Alcoholic)


2 Tablespoons of Vanilla Extract


Shave Chocolate

Serve Mousse

Add Chocolate Shavings

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