Cookies Cream Truffles (Softer than a pillow)


1 Cup of Heavy Cream

8 Oreo Middle Fillings

1/2 Xanthan Gum and Beat for Volume


1 Tablespoon Hydrated Gelatin and Beat for Volume

1/2 Cream cheese Bar


1 Cup Melted White Chocolate


10 Crushed Oreos

Store in the Fridge: 1 Hour

Roll & Dip

Dark Cocoa Powder

Keep Refrigerated

About this Recipe

Cookies and Cream Truffles: You know how the typical truffle is a ganache (chocolate and heavy cream) with higher ratios of chocolate. In this recipe, I decided to use more cream for a melt in your mouth effect. Furthermore, the idea is for my Cookies and Cream Truffles to be softer than a pillow and tastier than a traditional truffle. Try this recipe, enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe at my channels.

Always remember to use high-quality ingredients if possible. Furthermore, buying the most expensive ingredient does not always mean it is the best.


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