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Hybrid Recipe focuses on two main cooking variations, International Cuisine, and Modern Recipes. By using different techniques and ingredients from different cultures, I am able to provide a unique experience capable of transcending all culinary barriers. Watch the videos, learn the recipes, and enjoy a fancy meal with your loved ones. Learn how to hybridize Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, and much more! 


Hybrid Recipe will focus on multiple aspects of cuisine that will suit the need of your daily life. Recipes will range from quick recipes and easy recipes to high-end cuisine, and either one will be able to satisfy your palate in ways you never experienced before. All recipes have been tested and developed for a unique experience. If a recipe does not meet the requirements of taste, texture, consistency, aroma, and aftertaste, it will be immediately rejected and soon forgotten. Furthermore, the overall concept is to serve as many people as possible to satisfy everyone´s needs. 


As a blogger, I am constantly learning and improving to deliver the best content possible. I am very focused on learning the authentic recipes and techniques used in specific countries and then transforming them and hybridizing an authentic recipe to a brand new and unique modern recipe. 

By any means, this does not mean that I will fail to provide original recipes, I believe that traditional and authentic recipes are and will always be respected and honored. Culture and traditions are very rich, from that point forward, we have two options to implement to our daily lives, do we want to maintain the status quo or adventure ourselves into a new world by adding the best elements from other cultures to strengthen our own; however, isn´t food the same?


Whether we want to believe it or not, many of our recipes, have a hybrid root whether it comes from a cultural clash or from international trade. Let me give you a few examples! 

According to Nippon.com (2014), the famous Ramen noodles actually originated in China; however, the Japanese we first able to eat it back in the 17th century. 



Nippon.com. (2014, October 3). The Rise of Ramen: How "Chinese Noodles" Became a Japanese Favorite. Retrieved July 1, 2019, from https://www.nippon.com/en/views/b01707/the-rise-of-ramen-how-chinese-noodles-became-a-japanese-favorite.html

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